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You will be aware of world-wide developments in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and their effect on travel and people gatherings.  This Society is following UK Government guidance and specifically to advice issued by the Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) in relation to philatelic activities. 

 Following discussions the FPHS Committee decided to cancel our London meetings due to be held on 4 April, 13 June and 11 July 2020.  Our meetings will start again on 12 September (subject to any further guidance or instructions from the UK Government).  As London 2020 has been cancelled our “meet and greet” meeting at that event on 5 May and our Society recruiting table on 6 May are also cancelled.

CANCELLED WAR & PHILATELY – Banstead – Saturday 8th August 2020 CANCELLED

 Please note that owning to uncertainty and clear guidance at this time and our inability to ensure adequate social distancing within a confined environment we have made the decision to CANCEL our annual War & Philately stamp and postal history fair at Banstead Community Hall on Saturday 8th August 2020.

AUTUMN STAMPEX  30 September – 3 October CANCELLED

As a result our joint meeting with the British Postmark Society due to take place on 3 October at that event is also CANCELLED.

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Established in 1952, the Forces Postal History Society was formed to bring together the many collectors interested in the postal history of the Armed Forces of all countries, (and United Nations), at all times, whether in war or peacetime, including the study of postmarks, cachets, postage rates, prisoner-of-war mail, stamps and stationery, censorship and the organisation of military postal services.

Since its formation the Society has achieved steady growth with nearly 300 members in many countries. A wide variety of interests is catered for covering all military forces in all theatres of war and in peacetime.

Support amongst members is naturally strongest for the armed forces of the Crown with devotees concentrating on Royal Navy, the RAF, first and second World Wars, military camps etc. Others collect and study on a one country basis but whatever their interests, narrow or widespread, the Society encourages groups of members with similar interests to pool their knowledge and support further study into their chosen field in the hope that a draft manuscript suitable for publication will ultimately emerge. Moreover, members are especially urged to write articles for the Journal, to report new items and supply information generally.

Please use the Society link above to find out more about how we are structured and what we do.

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