12th-15th September 2018 - Society Exhibition at STAMPEX

The Society, along with Civil Censorship Study Group, was invited by the Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS) to display at the 2018 Autumn STAMPEX to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the ending of World War One.  We put on a 30 frame display (with 15 sheets per frame that’s around 450 pages in total).  As well as the displays we also produced a 24-page A4 booklet on the displays, kindly sponsored by Cavendish Philatelic Auctions.  We had a Society table for the four days of the exhibition and managed to attract four new members - so a huge welcome to them and I hope they enjoy their membership.  The display appears to have been well received and a good number of people attending the fair were seen taking a close interest in the different exhibits on show.

The type of material shown was diverse and covered a range of belligerents - including the British Forces on the Western Front and also the Italian campaign.  There were sections dealing with mail from our Portuguese and American allies as well as Dominion troops from Canada and New Zealand and a display of security postmarks used by the Royal Navy at their bases in the UK.  The American display also featured “I am well” and Tobacco funds postcards.  The display also includes letters to and from sailors serving on German U-boats and their supporting organisations as well as a selection of correspondence from two Germans and an Austrian who fought mainly on the Eastern Front.  Mail to and from British Prisoners of War was also shown, including items from POWs held as internees in Switzerland.  Lastly a range of Hospital Ship material, with examples of mail sent from British, Australian, New Zealand and Italian hospital ships, illustrating their individual cachets and in some cases, censor marks.

Autumn STAMPEX 2018b

A view of our display area showing some of our displays

On behalf of the Society I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those for putting together not only a fantastic display for STAMPEX, but also the booklet contents: Frank Schofield, Peter High, Lorraine Maguire, Neil Ritchie, Nick Colley, Geoff Hanney, Alan Baker, Andrew Brooks, Colin Tabeart RDP, Peter Burrows and Peter O’Keeffe.  I would also like to thank those who assisted me at the table and to the many members who paid us a visit - it was a pleasure to meet members not only from different parts of the UK but also from overseas including the USA (Regis Hoffman), Denmark (John Thiesen) and the Netherlands (André Scheer).  My apologies to anyone I may have missed.

Incidentally Neil Ritchie, who showed his Canadian Expeditionary Force material which was awarded a Gold at Spring STAMPEX, won another Gold for his five frame “Russian Censor Marks in Non-Combatant Military District 1914-1919” in the CCSG display at Autumn STAMPEX!  Ray Welland, another member who entered two single frame competitive displays for the CCSG, was awarded a Silver and Vermeil respectively.  Congratulations to you both.

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