April 2004


Honorary Life Membership - John Daynes

A particularly high point of the Annual General Meeting was the conferring of Honorary Life Membership on John Daynes, a point universally approved by every member present. This is in recognition of the enormous amount of work and support provided by him to the Society over many years in so many important roles. John has worked for the Society since the late 1950's. He was President 1988-1991, he has been Librarian for more years than most of us can remember; he is now Editor of the Newsletter, but has been a prolific contributor for many, many years; and he took over the postal auctions following the death of the late Alan Brown. He is also the programme organiser (having played a leading role in the formulation of our annual programme over a long period). In addition John has helped out in so many other ways: a strong supporter and advocate of our once plentiful and regular provincial meetings, he also organises the engravings for both the President's Cup and the Harry Cope medals. Congratulations and a big thank you John, from us all.

Harry Cope Memorial Award for Literature - 2003

At the Annual General Meeting the President took great pleasure in announcing that our Immediate Past President, Keith Tranmer, had been awarded the Harry Cope Memorial Award for Literature for 2003 for his book:

Przemysl 1914-1915

Published jointly by the ARGE and HBSV in Austria under their "Militär und Philatelie" series. At the AGM Keith very kindly presented a copy for the Library; if you are interested in a copy please write to Keith at the above address.

Alan Brown Trophy 2003-04

The Trophy is awarded annually by, and at the discretion of, the President for what he considers to be the best article or series of articles in the Newsletter during the past year and at the Annual General Meeting the President announced that for 2003/04 he had awarded the Alan Brown Trophy to Heni Smets for his in depth study on "Postal Co-operation between Great Britain and Belgium during the Korean War" which had appeared in the Autumn 2003 Newsletter.

17 April 2004: Annual General Meeting and Live Auction

This meeting drew a better then average turnout, no doubt this was the result of our members willingness to play their part at the AGM and help in the running of the Society. There again this willingness may have been fuelled by the live auction that followed. With some spirited bidding in places the proceedings were again ably controlled by our 'live' auctioneer Peter High and his active and energetic cohorts distributing the items as they were sold. Occasionally room help was at hand to help Peter to remember which was the next lot, but our thanks to all who made it all happen and run so smoothly.

A full report and the accounts may be obtained from the secretary by request. The AGM had reports from the Officers of the Society: Hon. Treasurer; Hon. Secretary; Packet Secretary; London Meetings Organiser and Newsletter Editor; Membership Secretary; Publicity Officer and Newsletter Dispatcher all on a positive note. Acceptance of the accounts, it should be noted that our treasurer has made sterling efforts in bring up to date the members list and chasing forgetful members. The amended list now stands at 228 UK and 61 overseas members. The President commented that this represented a serious decline in membership and as discussed at a Committee meeting held the previous month the Society would embark upon a recruitment and publicity campaign.

Other notifications made at the AGM appear above. With the exception of Newsletter Editor and Libarian, all remaining Officers and Committee were re-elected. John announced he was not seeking re-election to these posts - some members were aware he had been fighting cancer for the past four years. However, it was now clear that it would take much longer than he had anticipated to win the battle consequently he wanted to reduce his commitments to the Society. Whilst the Library service was effectively closed with immediate effect John had indicated that he was willing to carry on as acting Editor for the next few issues. The Society is therefore in need of a new Editor and Librarian - there were no volunteers forthcoming at the AGM and so an appeal would be published in the Summer Newsletter Supplement. The meeting expressed their heartfelt appreciation for all the work John had done for the Society and were pleased to note that he was not stepping back completely as he would still arrange the programme as London meetings organiser. At a subsequent Committee meeting it was agreed to co-opt John onto the Committee.

The AGM also agreed to the revised General Rules as put to the meeting by the Committee. If you wish a copy of the revised General Rules please send an A4 (letter size) sized stamped address envelope to the President - overseas members please simply notify the President. If you would like to receive an electronic copy (Microsoft Word document) please e-mail the President.


Our apologies for the ommission in the above report of the AGM / Live Auction of the sterling "behind the scenes" work carried out Ben Ferguson. Ben was instrumental in the organising of our 'live' auctions at our London venue - he collects the material / produces the auction lists / sets out the lots in the room / acts as agent for postal bidders / sends out lots, invoices, returns, etc / prepares live auction accounts. Organising and running an auction is no mean task as both our auctioneers will testify and our grateful thanks to to Ben ('live' auctions) and Stephen Dunderdale (postal auctions) for the invaluable service they provide to members.

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