June 2004

Report of the meeting of June 12, 2004


A poorly attended meeting by normal standards, but nevertheless a wide variety of material was displayed by the members present - David Taylor-Smith showed a number of items from Indo-China (Vietnam) from the end of WW2 to 1975 amongst which were RAF Post 177 1945; Indian FPO 123 in Saigon 1945; ICC material; mail to/from South Vietnamese Army, including military frank stamps and stationery; Australian (FPOs 1/3/5), New Zealand and US Forces in Vietnam.

Alistair Kennedy showed an item from the French Expeditionary Force sent to Tonkin in 1883 (Tonkin Corps Expeditre of 1886); French forces then remained in the country and Tonkin became a protectorate of France. Also included in his display were Dutch East Indies (including Australian Air Force POs), Malaya (both Japanese Occupation and Australian POW material), Burma (both Japanese Occupation and Indian FPOs), Philippines (including membership of SEATO), Commander British Forces Borneo (items postmarked FPO 1044), British Forces in Malaya and Malayan forces in the Congo.

Peter Burrows displayed an original airgraph form from SE Asia and a collection of air letter sheets used in SE Asia (including pictorial and Christmas editions). Michael Dobbs showed a number of RAF Post SE Asia (Base Postal Units) together with British FPOs Thailand and his 1992 book "SEATO: British Forces in Thailand".

He also put up a display of ANZUK FPO 5 material together with an historical account of the Force and the Order of Battle listing of units; he also put up an historical account of RAF Seletar and the Canadian element of Tiger Force (the proposed long range bomber force for the war against Japan).

Peter O'Keeffe displayed a number of British FPOs (not all related to South East Asia as he subsequently found out!)

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