30 May 2019 Stockholm

 FPHS Meeting at Stockholmia 2019

We thank our President Richard Berry for arranging the room and co-ordinating with the other military societies to hold an informal joint meeting at Stockholmia 2019 on 30th May 2019.  

The meeting was designed as a drop in and was informal. We had a few written up sheets which members had bought with them, new acquisitions purchased at the show and some queries.  We had 15 members and guests drop in to the meeting with 10 from the UK, 2 from Norway, 2 from Sweden and 1 from New Zealand.

Richard Berry showed number of sheets in two displays: one on the British in Greece at end of WW2 and other around forces in Rhodesia starting before WW2 and going into post war years; Geoff Hanney showed British Army in Ulster in WW2; Robin Davis showed three acquisitions on UN peace keeping in Cyprus. Michael Elliott showed his new acquisitions which covered the Finnish wars of independence, Russian Civil War, Winter War 1940, Continuation War and Lapland War, as well as Finnish Volunteers in the German Army.  Richard Berry finished the displays with his new acquisitions relating to War Office items to unusual destinations, German internee mail from Rhodesia at end of WW2, Rhodesia RAF training unit items and redirected items.

Following the end of the FPHS meeting our thanks go to Richard Bodin who arranged specially for us his hear his talk that he had given to the Swedish Philatelic Federation earlier in the day, on the Swedish Navy through its mails from its inception to 1881.

My thanks go to Geoff Hanney for this report on what I believe to be our first overseas meeting and indeed our first international meeting.

Part II

Anglo- Swedish” Joint Forces PH Meeting at Stockholmia on Thursday 30th May 2019

At short notice I arranged an impromptu additional meeting for the FPHS attendees at Stockholmia. Richard Bodin from our Swedish confreres kindly invited members of the FPHS to an English language version of a lecture he’d given earlier that day in Swedish. The subject was the Swedish Navy to 1889. Robin Davies, Alan Baker, Robert Hurst and myself attended and so the FPHS had its first two joint overseas meetings on one day!

Richard gave a Powerpoint presentation of the History of the Swedish Navy showing examples of postal history where possible. The talk started with a painting of the four hour Battle of Orford Ness in 1704. The “battle” was between the Swedish ship Oland and an English squadron where the outnumbered (7 to 1) Oland was captured and later released. Richard then went through some of the various wars in which the Swedish Navy took part including against:

  • Poland 1600-1629
  • Denmark 1658 to 1660
  • Russia 1700 to 1721
  • Finland 1788 to 1790
  • Tripoli 1801 to 1802
  • Russia 1808 to 1809 (when Finland was lost)
  • Norway 1814

He then covered some examples where the Swedish Navy also had a presence such as in the Mediterranean 1840 to 1841 to protect Swedish trade and when it was at the inauguration of the Suez Canal in 1869. Finally he showed examples of Swedish officers in other navies included the Royal Navy and the United States Navy.

Richard and I would like to organise a joint event at London 2020 between the FPHS and its Swedish equivalent – watch this space!

Richard Berry

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