South African Postal Rates

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I shall be most grateful for gaps to be filled by anyone who can add to the P.R. Project, hopefully to be used by anyone interested.  The info is protected so that no one other than myself can access it – one wrong entry would negate all the info.  However, I am open to corrections provided they can be verified. I keep a list of contributors but do not add it to the system which is complicated enough.

South African Postage Rates 1910-2017. Copyright Denise Collie. The following additional notes have been forwarded by Denise, who would welcome comment, additions, and new references at her e-mail address

To clarify: the small stars * indicate that there was no postal use in that category at that time – verified from all the sources I could find.

 The blanked out “blocks” indicate that there should be info, but not yet found – that is where I hope folk will help by sending me the data to include the next time I add to the system  (in a different colour to make for easier recognition). I update info when our PO announces the rates for the following 12 months, hence Postage Rates to end March 2017 – if any alter I note and add to next update in new colour – next time.

our queries:  FOREIGN PCs: UPU rate was 1d, plus 1d extra for foreign destinations – i.e. outside UPU areas.

LETTERS AUSTRALIA: 7d per oz for surface letters – no info prior to this date so far

REPLY P.C.s:    No info known as yet (this is where a wide circulation of this Project could help.)

PRINTED PAPERS: 90c up to 145c per 10 gm (  i.e. 145c =maximum charge per maximum weight of item  allowed)  (No info found so far before 1993)    NB. Decimalisation in SA from 1961-2-14  then e.g. 1d=1c; 2d=2c and 3d=2.5c ............ Metrication 1971.4.1  e.g. 1oz=40gm.

PARCELS: Data not yet found for before 1925.

REGISTRATION: Data not yet found for before 1983.

TELEGRAMS: No info found before 1982 so far. 18c per word up to 36 words; thereafter R1 per word.

LATE FEE: no info so far – perhaps there was none for overseas items as they couldn’t go any faster anyway?

As you see from the above, overseas info has been difficult to source – even some of the local info -  as there seems to have been little recorded info produced or saved – hence my project.

The Postal ratesd are contained in the two documents below. Please select to open in your browser:

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