Getting the most out of the Search Box



All of the information on this website is indexed and searchable. The search field is available on all pages and will start to deliver results after you type at least 4 characters into the search box. When you have completed entering your search term you will have a dropdown list of summary results with a brief description of the matching documents.

In the example given here, 'Gallipoli' is typed into the search box. The summary of results will appear as follows:




To view the second entry in the list, you can either select the title: 2018 Meetings - 3 February 2018 or the 'Read More' link at the bottom of the entry. When selected in this way the article opens up and can be read in its entirety, in the main content area. To view other content in the search results, it will be necessary to search again.




If, in place of selecting a specific article, you scroll to the bottom of the search results dropdown list and select "View all results', the search results will open in the main content area with some additional options:





From here you can further review the summary results and/or change the search term. By default, searches look for occurences of any words in the search box. However if this produces too many options or incorrect results, you can change the default setting to 'All words' or Exact phrase' to refine the results. To select one of the results, click on the title of the document.