BFPS 3209 Battle of Cambrai - 20 November 2017

The Battle of Cambrai (November 1917, WW1) was an important landmark in the use of tanks. It was the first military offensive where British Army commanders had deployed them in large numbers.

To mark the centenary of this Battle and the first use of mass tanks, the Forces Philatelic Bureau has produced a commemorative cover to be released on the 20th November 2017.

The cover bears an image showing massed tanks deploying across the battlefield at Cambrai. A specially designed handstamp numbered ‘BFPS 3209’ will be used to cancel a Royal Mail issued 1st class ’Shattered Poppy’ stamp. The special handstamp carries a silhouette of the Royal Tank Regiment’s cap badge.

The standard covers will cost just £6. Two limited-edition versions, signed by prominent officers from within the Royal Tank Regiment will cost £12.50.

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