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The display is in two parts. The first starts with 14 sheets presenting some British army camp postmarks from the early 20th Century (and one naval camp, at Blandford). The next seven sheets show items from the US-led peace- keeping force in Santo Domingo, 1965-66. A number of items from the US base at Guantanamo Bay come next, covering the period 1942-2002. A number of items of mail from Irish naval vessels and the Irish army from the collection of the late Mike Knott follows.

The second part commences with an extensive accumulation of items depicting the US occupation of Haiti follows the Irish material. There follows a remarkable sequence of postcards depicting Indian Forces and their uniforms, They are all sent by the Reverend F.R Taggart serving in Egypt and South Africa in 1942 to his daughter on the Isle of Man.

British Army Camps
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