• Gibralter Study Circle
  • The American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
    New Zealand POW Aerogrammes by Jerome V V Kasper

  • Egypt Study Circle

  • Military Postal History Society

  • Canadian Military Mail Study Group:
    Part of The British North America Philatelic Society

  • CMMSG Newsletters to 2014

  • The Corps of Royal Engineers
    A pictorial catalogue of First Day Covers and commemorative covers issued by, or related to, The Corps of Royal Engineers

  • Naval Cover Museum
    The Naval Cover Museum is a virtual museum that exists only on the Internet and was established in 2000 by Paul Bunter, a naval cover collector and member of the Universal Ship Cancellation Society (USCS). He is Curator of the Museum. The 'new' Museum has been set up as a Wiki. The Museum collection consists of scanned images of naval covers or parts of naval covers and is accessed via several indices. These indices allow quick access to (US Navy) naval covers associated with ships, naval installations, cachet makers, cachet categories and other miscellaneous categories; it is work-in-progress and new images will continue to be added at a steady rate. This site provides a facinating insight into US Navy ships postmarks and is an invaluable reference site.

  • Naval Cover Museum -2
    Provides details and listings on different types of postmark either by vessel or postmark type.

  • War Covers
    'Warcovers' offers for sale material covering the postal aspects of all wars & military actions worldwide from 1800 to date covering the Army, Navy, RFC & RAF.

  • The British Forces Philatelic Service (BFPS)
    A newly formed not-for-profit organisation specially set-up to ensure that the Forces Philatelic Bureau survives and thrives.

  • Mike White
    Mike White offers Worldwide Postal History, including Censored and Military Mail

  • Civil Censorship Study Group
    Founded in 1972, the Civil Censorship Study Group provides a network for those interested in civilian mails that have been censored and/or delayed or interrupted in the post during times of war and civil strife. The group holds a library of publications on the subject.

  • The Military Man
    Peter Harvey offers for sale a wide variety of Military Postal History and associated letters from his eBay
  • Gerald Ellott RDPO
    Distinguished New Zealand member and postal historian Gerald Ellott, RDP, has been putting many of his finely researched articles on line, and is kindly making them available to FPHS members. There are many of Forces interest, both Army and Navy. Examples include: notes on all the regiments which were in NZ 1840 –1870; 2nd Burmese War; Zulu War; RN in the Baltic and Crimea; Naval Concession rate Letters; History of the Hong Kong Station; etc etc. These is something of interest to almost all our members.