2021 Meetings


The FPHS usually meets on the second Saturday of each month, but do check our meeting dates below at the:

Union Jack Club
Sandell Street

Near Waterloo Station, London. Unless otherwise indicated, starting time is 1:30 P.M. Room opens 1 pm

For security reasons it is necessary to bring a meeting programme card with you to the meeting. If you are not a member please contact the Membership Secretary for details. Meetings will be held in the Reserved Bar Lounge (except the February and March meetings which will be held in the Gasgoine Room.

*** Please note that our afternoon meetings now start at 1.30pm ***

 *For reports of past meetings check out the Archived Meetings pages.

Saturday 16 January - Zoom 2pm

Our first meeting of the New Year and we had up to …

Thursday 18 February - Zoom 2pm

(Air Forces and Flown covers)

Saturday 27 March - Zoom

(Members Q&A session)

Tuesday 20 April Zoom 6pm

Saturday 22 May - Zoom 2pm

(Prisoner of War mail)

Tuesday 15 June - Zoom 2pm

Saturday 26 June - Banstead

(Kiwis in Captivity: Display by Lorraine Maguire + …

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