John Davis

“Egypt: From the Postal Concession until Suez 1932 to 1956 (Part II - Commonwealth and Other Allied Forces through World War II)” 

Dr Michael Gould

“British Naval Post & Censor Marks of the First World War Volume 2” 

The Forces Postal History Society


Dr Nick Colley

“World War Two Censor Marks (2nd Edition)”

The Forces Postal History Society (FPHS) is pleased to announce that the “Harry Cope Memorial Award for Literature” for 2018 has been awarded Dr Nick Colley for his editing of “World War Two Censor Marks (2nd Edition)”


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The Forces Postal History Society (FPHS) is pleased to announce that the “Harry Cope Memorial Award for Literature” for 2015 has been awarded jointly to the authors of two publications:

"British West African Mail Packets to 1900, (Rates, Routes and Ships, Out and Home)"


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2013 - Two Awards

Dr Rodger G Evans, Dr David Ball, Mr Alan Green

"Malta in World War I - Postal History"

The book covers (in over 470 pages, many in colour): Civil Postal Services, Postal Censorship, Civil Censorship Resealing Labels, Military Postal Services, Royal Navy Mail and Censorship, The Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force, British Army Mail and Censorship, Troopship Mail, Hospital Ships Mail, Mail from the Wounded, Allied Forces Mail, Maltese On Active Service Overseas, Prisoners of War at Malta, Prisoner of War Postal History, The SMS Emden prisoners in Malta, Prisoner of War Postal Stationery, Prisoner of War greeting cards and special events, Turkish Deportees in Malta 1919 – 1921. …


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Dr Rodger, G Evans, Dr David Ball, Mr Alan Green
Dr Marc P E Parren

The Postal History of Malta 1939-1945


Marc Parren, one of the joint authors, being presented with the Harry Cope Memorial Award for Literature medal at our 2011 Oxford Conference dinner by our President, Peter High


Heinz-Jürgen Kumpf of Germany

The Military Postal History of Ireland

This review is taken from An Cosantóir (Irish for "The Defender") which is the official journal of the Irish Defence Forces.Sergeant Dave Nagle is the Editor of the journal.


John Thiesen, Robin L Davis

Prisoners of War and Internees in Norway in World War 1 1914-1919: A Postal History Study Read more..

Cyprus Study Circle Study Paper No 10 - Cyprus During the WW1 Period 1914-1921 Read more


Bob Swarbrick

The Royal Marines Home and Abroad - A Postal History 1664-1994

First it must be emphasised that this is not a catalogue of postal markings related to the Royal Marines - it is much more interesting than that. The author has selected 91 items (or groups) from his extensive collection, covering both war and peace. …


John Slingsby

The Postal History of the Army of the Black Sea 1918-23

This book covers the five-year post-war period (after three years of war) in which British and Indian forces served in Macedonia and Western Thrace, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Transcausasia, Transcaspia, North Persia and South Russia. …


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David Tett

A Postal History of the Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in East Asia During World War Two

The three volumes cover: 
Volume 1 - Singapore & Malaya 1942-1945 (The Changi Connection) 
Volume 2 - Dutch East Indies 1942-1946 (Paradise Lost) 


Keith Tranmer

Przemysl 1914-1915

Published jointly by the ARGE and HBSV in Austria under their "Militär und Philatelie" series. At the AGM Keith very kindly presented a copy for the Library; if you are interested in a copy please contact Keith by mail.


Erik Lørdahl of Norway

German Concentration Camps 1933-1945 - History and Inmate Mail

[Volume I - History]
• [Volume II - Prisoners Mail (Part 1 - Introduction & Camps A-K) (Part 2 - Camps L-Z)]

This extensive study in three volumes


Graham Mark, FRPSL

British Censorship of Civil Mails during World War I, 1914-1919

gbww1 book

Published by the Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund it has over 250 pages of text and illustrations. Graham Mark has made an intensive study of the British Postal Censorship which, in 1914, started in a small and confused way in spite of a decade of consideration of the subject.


No award made


Dr Michael H. Gould

British Naval Post & Censor Marks of the First World War


Jim Boyden, USA

AEF in the BEF Military Postal History WW1


Alan J. Brown

Awarded posthumously in recognition of all his work for the Society and his 30 years as Editor (1961-1991) of the F.P.H.S Newsletter (issues 51 to 209)


Robin M. Startup, FRPSL, FRPSNZ of New Zealand

History of the New Zealand Military Postal Services 1845-1991 (co-authored with Edward Proud - see 1995 below)

• Wartime Postal Markings in the Pacific 
• Territorial Camps in New Zealand


Edward (Ted) B. Proud

For his series of publications on British Commonwealth Forces mail, some 13 in number:

• History of British Army Postal Service
[Volume I (1882-1902), Volume II (1903-27), Volume III (1928-63)]

• History of the Australian Military Postal Services 1914-50


No award made


John Firebrace

British Empire Campaigns & Occupations in the Near East 1914-1924 - A Postal History


Frederick Patka of Austria

For his postal history of the Austrian Navy:

• K(u)K Marinepost 1798-1914

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