January 2012

Report on the Meeting of 14th January 2012 

Eastern Europe: Members Displays

Marcus Sherwood-Jenkins displayed first with material from Russia in WW1.  The display covered the whole range of postal history, including registration labels, cachets, postal stationery and postmarks and covered the Russian contribution to WW1.  …

February 2012

Report on the Meeting of 11th February 2012 

Joint Meeting with the GB Overprints Society

This meeting enthusiastically demonstrated once again the wise decision made by the Committee a short while ago that all future joint society meetings would be held all day, rather than our normal afternoon meetings and that they should be held in a room larger than our usual Burns Room at the UJC.  …

March 2012

Report on the Meeting of 10th March 2012 

15 sheets & 9 minutes talking: Members’ displays

We had 20 members and 1 guest present, although we did have 7 apologies (most of whom were regular attendees).  …

April 2012

Notes of the 60th Annual General Meeting

Union Jack Club on Saturday 14th April 2012 

The following appeared in Supplement 293

The AGM started with the President (Peter High) leading a moments silence in the memory of members who had died during the year, in particular Derrick Burney, Robin Startup from New Zealand and Brian Presland.  …

May 2012

No notes

June 2012

Report on the Meeting of 9th June 2012 

16-sheet competition for the John Daynes Plate

We slipped back to only five entries this year and so a bit of a disappointment.  Nevertheless they were extremely interesting and informative entries, so down to business: 

July 2012

Report on the Meeting of 20th - 22nd July 2012 

York Weekend 60th Anniversary Conference

The York Weekend Conference was specifically arranged to coincide with the York Stamp & Coin Fair at the nearby Grandstand, York Racecourse and was also intended to give us a break from the 2012 Olympics build-up!  …

August 2012

No notes

September 2012

Report on the Joint Meeting, London, 15 September 

Members' Displays - WASC / FPHS 

Around a dozen WASC members joined a similar number of FPHS members at the Union Jack Club.  It was a disappointing attendance and I know we had a number of apologies from the FPHS side, but nevertheless those who attended did enjoy themselves and we had some very good displays.  …

October 2012

Report on the Meeting, London, 13 October 2012

All-day meeting, including the Presidents Cup Competition

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the meeting, due to a long weekend spent in Italy in a small village called Sefro, which is in the Province of Macerata in the Italian region Marche, located about 70 km southwest of Ancona, the airport we flew into.  …

November 2012

Forces in the Far East

Michael Dobbs started off the afternoon’s proceedings with a display put up to entertain all the early arrivals prior to the meeting start (meanwhile he was over the road at the Auberge enjoying the usual steak frittes and red wine !). …

December 2012

Recent Acquisitions and Queries

A time to show off our recent (or not so recent) purchases, bring out our queries, have a friendly chat and banter, and all over tea/coffee with mince pies and biscuits - an enjoyable time was had by all.

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