The FPHS usually meets on the second Saturday of each month, but do check our meeting dates below at the:

Union Jack Club
Sandell Street

Near Waterloo Station, London. Unless otherwise indicated, starting time is 2:00 P.M. Room opens 12:30 P.M.

For security reasons it is necessary to bring a meeting programme card with you to the meeting. If you are not a member please contact the Membership Secretary for details. Meetings will be held in the Reserved Bar Lounge (except the February and March meetings which will be held in the Gasgoine Room.

 *For reports of past meetings check out the Archived Meetings pages.

21 January 2017

An Afternoon with the Vice Presidents

Billed as an afternoon with our Vice Presidents - or an afternoon with the “Three Vees” as I like to call them - very nearly didn’t take off as the Union Jack Club didn’t have a record of our booking !  However, I’m pleased to say that they pulled out the stops and placed us in the Disney Room on the 23rd floor.

11 February 2017

Events in 1917

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War continues, with the Society commemorating the events of 1917 through member’s displays of material - covers, postcards and ephemera - of that year.  To give you an idea of what was happening throughout the world at that time go to the following website: www.greatwar.co.uk/timeline/ww1-events-1917.htm

11 March 2017

All-Day Meeting to include our 15-sheet competition for the “John Daynes Plate”

This was an All-day meeting to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the Society and included a Memorial Display from the collection of our late member Bill Collingwood as well as the John Daynes’ Plate 15-sheet competition, plus an opportunity for a small number of members’ displays.

8 April 2017

Notes of the 65th Annual General Meeting held at the Union Jack Club 

The AGM started with our President (Edmund Hall) welcoming those present to the meeting.  He then led a moments silence in the memory of members who had died during the year, in particular Bill Collingwood, Ray Downing, Edward (Ted) Proud, Myron Fox and Keith Robinson.  On a proposal by Alan Baker, seconded by Albert Coles and agreed by all those present, the Minutes of the 63rd meeting were approved with no matters arising.  …

13 May 2017

Africa – The Dark Continent – All Aspects    

Michael Dobbs was first to display - he had mounted his display before lunch so that those attending early and staying in the room had something to look at, rather than empty board, prior to the start of the meeting.  His display related to post-WW2 and started with a selection of British Forces mail from Kenya during the 1950s (

10 June 2017

“My Favourite Five” - Members’ favourites from their collection and why (from one sheet up to five sheets)

I was unable to attend the meeting and so I am grateful to two of our Vice Presidents (Robin Davis and Geoff Hanney) for providing notes of the meeting - I have merged these together to bring what I hope is a correct account of the meeting.  …

8 July 2017

MIDPEX, Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, Leamington Spa

I would like to express my thanks to those members who helped set up and staff the Society table and stand at this years MIDPEX (the Midland Philatelic Federation biennial stamp and postal history fair with specialist societies’ tables).  There were around 60 dealers present and some 40 specialist societies.  …

21-23 July - York Weekend Away

Friday evening: The Friday evening displays started appropriately with two Yorkshire members: John Fowler was first with a selection of US Warship covers and postmarks: between the wars the Americans were building ships which then went on shakedown cruises to Europe and called at various ports.  He showed a selection of covers from ships which visited UK ports and which included the name of the port in the USS ship postmark.

12 August 2017

War & Philately  - 6th Year! - FPHS sponsored stamp, postal history & postcard Fair at Banstead, Surrey. 

This was the sixth year in which the Society has held its War & Philately event (a stamp, postal history and postcard fair) at the Banstead Community Hall, Park Road, Banstead in Surrey.  Once again we must thank Peter High for organising the event and his wife Dee for running the refreshments on the day itself.  …

9 September 2017

ALL DAY meeting: “Aspects of NATO: 68 Years of the North Atlantic Treaty” with Michael Dobbs, President’s Cup Competition (9 sheets) and Members displays

The day did not start well when upon arrival I found that the room had not been prepared for us - there were no tables or display frames.  We managed to get the tables and green cloths after a delay, but the frames did not arrive until after midday.  …

16 September 2017 - Cancelled

Due to circumstances beyond both societies control the joint meeting with the British Postmark Society has had to be cancelled.

14 October 2017

14th October 2017 - To celebrate the inaugural meeting of the Society we had an afternoon with John Cowlin

The Society was formed in 1952 and as recorded in FPHS Newsletter No 1 the inaugural meeting took place on 18 October 1952 and so this was the closest date to our inauguration. Colonel G R Crouch was appointed President and John A Smith as Chairman - names that will be familiar to a great many as they appear on covers and also both wrote articles for the philatelic press. …

11 November 2017

Recent Acquisitions & Queries and a chat over coffee and biscuits

This is an annual meeting in our calendar and is welcomed by the membership as it provides an opportunity to show off recent acquisitions (especially those which may not fit easily into “members’ displays” in our programme) and also to bring out items for which you are seeking answers to - there is almost a certainly a member or members amongst those present who can provide an answer.  …

9 December 2017

All Day Meeting: Joint meeting with the POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY    

Our annual get together with the Postal History Society (PHS) started with opening comments by both Richard Berry (President, FPHS) and Bob Galland (President of the PHS) following which the displays began.

Claire Scott, FRPSL (PHS) started the displays with a selection of military mail from Brunei following the confrontation.  …

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